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We offer a range of new replacement Hot Water Systems, including solar, gas, electric and instantaneous around Cockburn.

Being a new plumbing business in a competitive industry, we have worked hard to create an honest and reliable reputation around the Cockburn area. We can supply and install a replacement new hot water system, and aim to get your hot water back up and running as quickly as possible.

We offer a fast, professional emergency hot water service to Cockburn area and it’s surrounds including Banjup, Aubin Grove, Bibra Lake, Hammond Park, Atwell, Success and more.

With a number of products and solutions available on the market today, please see our list below of the types of new hot water systems we can supply.


Gas Hot Water Systems

Our professional team supplies and installs a number of gas hot water systems in Cockburn. Gas hot water systems burn either natural gas or LPG (usually bottled). Gas hot water systems can be a good solution, and may be the most beneficial if you have an existing gas hot water system that has broken down and needs urgent replacement. Gas systems produce far less greenhouse gases than electric water heaters, and we can supply and install both storage water heaters and instantaneous hot water systems for your home.


Electric Hot Water

We also supply and install a wide range of electric water heaters and electric hot water tanks in and around Cockburn.
We only supply electric systems from the most reputable hot water manufacturers, so you can rely on us to supply products to truly fit your needs.


Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump hot water systems have a range of advantages – they are useful in limited spaces, or where natural gas or solar energy may not be easily available. In colder climates however, heat pump systems may not be the most efficient system to choose. You can speak to your plumber over the phone to discuss the best hot water system for you on 0431 174 458.


Solar Hot Water - Cockburn

Despite solar hot water systems generally costing more upfront to purchase and install when compared to other systems, this cost will be recovered of the life of the system through your reduced energy bills. Particularly in larger households and in warmer parts of the country such as Perth, where there is plenty of access to sunlight.Further to this, you will also reduce the amount of greenhouse gases your home produces, and they use a renewable energy resource!

Repairs and maintenance in Cockburn

General Plumbing Co provides a complete repair and maintenance service in and around Cockburn. There can be a number of reasons which would cause your hot water system to stop working. It could be a problem with the gas, or a leaking valve or electrical fault. Sometimes a repair or maintenance of your hot water system may be the best option, and will save you money compared to a complete replacement.


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